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farvoldenDr. Peter Farvolden is Clinical Director of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Associates of Toronto where he provides cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for children, adolescents and adults with mood and anxiety disorders. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto and holds adjunct academic appointments in psychology at the University of Waterloo and Ryerson University. His professional activities include direct patient care, administration, research, consultation services and the development of evidence-based self-help programs for the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.

Dr. Farvolden received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Waterloo and completed his pre-doctoral training at the Toronto General Hospital. He is the former Director of The Psychological Trauma Program and the Work, Stress and Health Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). His research interests include technology-based healthcare delivery and the cognitive behavioral treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.

Professional Affiliations
Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Ontario Psychological Association Canadian Psychological Association
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OCD Hello Dr. I am suffering with OCD for past 6 years. What CBT would you suggest for me? Vincenza-Health Educator Answer
Depression and PTSD I have been suffering from depression most of my life. In the last two years it has become disabling enough that I sought professional help. After seeking help I was also diagnosed with PTSD from severe childhood abuse and domestic violence. My doctor seems to be focused on the depression symptoms and is trying to treat me for that. I wonder if the depression does not come as a result of the PTSD and are we only treating a symptom and not the disease? Are each of these exclusive? tmattes13 Answer
panic My negative thoughts seem to stem from insecurity about a situation in which I can only see the worst scenario. I tend to rehearse this and then can only see the worst possibilities. What should I be doing? Iolanda Answer
Relationship loss Since my parents divorced I have been close to only one person, who I dated for two and half years seriously. Recently it ended, and regardless of the fact that he appears to have moved on, I also need to. But I don't know how to reconcile the horrid person he now is compared to what he was, and I am grieving for the dreams of a house and children that we shared and that will now not happen. I feel rejected and shattered. I have tried everything from realising the situation, to distraction to, counselling and medication, but nothing seems to work. How do I begin to move on from this? LilyElsa Answer
Feeling numb and empty inside I have been dealing with depression for the past 7 years under a doctors care. I am taking Wellbutrin and Lexapro to help treat my depression. I would like to say for the past couple of months it seems that I have this numbness and empty feeling inside of me. I want to say it actually feels like am hollow inside. My husband is verbally abusive and I just don't seem to care anymore. I don't seem to get upset anymore I just seem to ignore it and keep doing what I need to do. My mother just recently was diagnosed with lung cancer. I know I am upset I just don't feel anxious over it or anything. (which is nothing like me) We are very close. I just don't understand why I just to seem to stop feeling. I would very much appreciate your input. Thank You Very Much in advanced. Michele Answer
How do you manage depression if there are no negative thoughts to challenge? How do you manage depression if there are no negative thoughts to challenge? Jacques Answer
Can withdrawals include depressive symptoms, or is the depression simply returning I have been taking Effexor XR for over 3 years, almost 4, and just weaned myself off, a bit over a month ago I took the last dose. The physical withdrawals lasted a few weeks, and I still experience some of them, but the last couple weeks at least, I have been feeling extremely irritable, angry, depressed, etc. I really do not wish to go back on the medication. so my question is twofold: Could the emotional upheaval be part of the withdrawal, and if so, how long will it last, and second, (or third depending how you look at it).. what kind of natural supplements or what else can I do other than meds to get rid of this black dog? Thanks so much in advance, your response would mean a lot to me. I feel pretty powerless and like I don't know where to turn anymore. FFirecracker Answer
Fear of depression. I have been going through a series of break ups and patch ups with the same person. But I have this acute fear of losing him and I go chasing behind him every time. I cry out loud and stop eating food, and stop going to college, whenever we break up. I can't seem to control my emotions and go into a bout of depression, where I don't want to talk to anyone, or I shout at anyone who tries to talk to me. Lots of people have suggested counseling, but I don't want it. I want to find a cure for this myself. Even though we break up occasionally, I still want him back. And I feel that I'll be much happier with him than without him. Help me. SkinnyGaL Answer
Introversion - personality problem? Is having an introvert personality an undesirable thing?In my case, my inability to socialise like others depresses me a lot,but i can not help it because i am a person of very few words and i don't know what to talk with people, i get the feeling that others just find me boring. iris Answer
Goldberg Test What is Goldberg test? Can let me know please. shas Answer
Psychotic Depression I am suffering from psychotic depression which has brought about several cognitive problems - i.e. slowed thinking, difficulty with numbers and memory and registration problems. Can cognitive behaviour therapy help with the resolution of such cognitive problems that are making it very difficult for me in my job. Sumit Answer
Anger and Depression Hi Dr. Farvolden: I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder in 2007 & have had 3 bouts of situational depression, i also have GAD. I say situational because in each instance I know what triggered it. I am at times very agitated and restless. I am not on any medication or ever have been as the possible side affects frighten the wits out of me. Recently I have been getting very angry, I can feel it welling up in me at times for no apparent reason. I get angry at the least thing. I am getting angry at myself for being angry & don't understand what's going on. I guess my question is can repeated bouts of depression trigger/cause intense anger? cadenmccallum Answer
Atypical Bipolar

"Can a person be labeled/diagnosed as being bipolar when they have only experienced mania/hypomania from antidepressants? Or does a person have to have had a manic/hypomania event without being medication induced? Is there such a thing as atypical bipolar disorder?

Sally Answer
Setbacks Setbacks are inevitable. How does one avoid the inevitable or learn to handle it without going back to the daily CBT program? Or are we to remain doing this program forever? What is the best way to handle setbacks?
Rebbie Answer
Suicide risks I have heard that some antidepressants lead to an increased risk of suicide. Is this true? Sylvie - Bilingual Health Educator Answer
Motivation How can I motivate myself to get out of bed when all I want to do is stay under the covers all day? Sylvie - Bilingual Health Educator Answer