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Depression Glossary

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Fear: a basic emotion that involves the activation of the "fight or flight" response.

Fibromyalgia: a disorder characterized by tender joints and continuous pain.

FMS: fibromyalgia syndrome

Flooding: an intense form of exposure therapy which the anxiety response is desensitized through massive exposure to the individual’s anxiety.

Feelings, Thoughts and Behaviors: Life is full of both positive and negative events. When you’re depressed, there’s much more negativity in your life and your feelings, thoughts and behaviors are affected by this negativity. What you need to do is find more balance in your life, which means a balance between both positive and negative events. In this program were going to help you to start to recognize the positive events in your life.

Four Problem Areas: If you’re like most depressed people, you’ll be affected by at least two of the following four problem areas: feelings of grief and loss (you’ve lost someone or something), disputes (you have a problem with a relationship), role transitions (your experiencing a change at work, in the home or with your friends), or shyness and sensitivity (you may not have the energy to be around others). In this program we’re going to help you focus on changing the problem areas that affect you.