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Medication Glossary

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Ritalin: a stimulant often used in the treatment of attention problems in children and adults.

Radepur: see Chlordiazepoxide

Radizepam : see Diazepam

Ralozam: see Alprazolam

Ramped Dosage : a term used to describe a gradual increase in the dose of a medication (titration up). Generally speaking when physicians prescribe medications for see anxiety and see depression they gradually increase the dose over a number of weeks so that they can 1) treat the problem with the most effective minimum dose and 2) watch carefully for the emergence of side-effects.

Raysedan : see Chlordiazepoxide

Reboxetine : a newer antidepressant that selective blocks the reuptake of norepinephrine.

Redomex : see Amitryptiline

Relac : see Buspirone Hydrochloride.

Relanium : see Diazepam

Reliberan : see Chlordiazepoxide

Remeron : see Mirtazapine

Renaquil : see Lorazepam

Reposal : see Chlordiazepoxide

Restocalm: see Chlordiazepoxide

Rowexetina : see Fluoxetine

Rohypnol: see Flunitrazepam

Rocosgen: see Lorazepam

Ro:Azepam : see Diazepam

Rivotril : see Clonazepam

Rival: see Diazepam

Risolid: see Chlordiazepoxide

Risachief: see Chlordiazepoxide

Ripolin : see Chlordiazepoxide

Reversible Inhibitors of MAO-A (RIMAs) : As for MAOIs, RIMAs inhibit of one of the enzymes that degrades and thereby inactivates monoamine neurotransmitters. However, as compared to the MAOIs, RIMAs do not permanently and irreversibly bind to the enzymes. As a result they are much safer and have fewer potential side effects that the MAOIs. Includes medications such as moclobemide (Aurorix).

Retcol: see Chlordiazepoxide

Restoril : see Temazepam